ALPS Micro Dry printers

Dedicated to ALPS Micro Dry printers and other printers based on that technology, including OKI DP series, DP-5000 and DP-7000. Helping members through the rough spots, sharing information, techniques applicable to this thermal printer line. Some of the things that you can do with these printers are micro dry printing, dye sublimation printing, photo printing, T-shirt transfers, decals and a lot more, plus w Where to obtain consumables and user reviews of new products. Please remember to search the past messages and files before posting a question as your inquiry has probably been asked before and a wealth of information is already posted in the message or Files archives.

You can participate in the group using the online interface or through email. Please make sure to check your email for a Pending Membership Questionnaire message from the mods when applying to this group; members require approval and have to tell us why they want to join.

Keywords: OKI Okidata MD-5000 MD-1000 MD-1300 MD-4000 MD-2300 DP-5000 DP-7000 Printiva Printer Dye Sub Sublimation Micro dry T-shirt transfer decal decals

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